Our Company

At David Lang Real Estate, we take a personal approach to tenant real estate representation.

Our proven approach

From day one, we will assess your needs and requirements. First step is to understand your needs, and relate that to your real estate and most importantly the lease which you are working under. We strive to act in your “in-house” real estate department, and after the new lease is signed, we are available throughout the term of the lease to negotiate or deal with time wasting landlords on your behalf and that is generally free of charge. We're committed to developing lasting relationships, and it shows in our industry-leading service levels.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are not a franchise. We are not a public company. And we are not beholden to anyone other than the tenants we serve. So you get unbiased, unrelenting representation, every time.


Over 35 years of combined experience offering unparalleled Tenant representation in Hi-Tech, Government and Defence.

Suzanne Ogorman, LLB
Sales Assistant
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